Addon Catalog - instructions

How to add entries to the catalog?

First, you need to apply for the user role to get access to add entries.

Content of the catalog

Our add-on catalog is limited to the following content

  • Trains, routes, assets, mods, etc. based on real-world data.
  • From Nordic countries, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, or Finland.
  • Only for train simulators or train-related games.


We accept text descriptions written in Norwegian, Danish, or Swedish.

In addition to one of the Scandinavian languages, it is mandatory to add an English description.

Use this BBCode for the English text.

[lang='en']English text here[/lang] 


Choose a title for the entry


Select one main category for this entry. Some add-ons contain multiple assets, like routes, locomotives, wagons, etc. Later on, you can select more categories where you want the entry to be displayed.

Test category

Only visible to users with access to add entries. Use this if you just want to experiment with adding entries before you start adding them to categories that are visible to everyone.


When a category is selected, filter options will appear. Some are mandatory to be selected.

Is this freeware or payware, or is it free but requires payware?
Is it a mod or repaint for another add-on? Or is it original content by the developer?


Upload a small JPG that shows the addon. This image will be displayed in the add-on list. WEBP format is not supported.


Short description of the add-on.


Add relevant tags to the entry. For now, please limit this to countries. Use pre-defined tags that show up when you start to enter text in the text box.

Assign to additional categories

If relevant, you have now the option to assign your entry to additional categories.

Additional Information


Add the name(s) of the developer(s) for the add-on.

Get addon

Add the link to the add-on page/website.

Do not use any direct link to the file. It is OK to link to cloud services, etc. If you want to link directly to the file, you need permission from the developer to do this. In this case, it is better to add this add-on to our filebase.


Main description. Please add as much relevant information as possible. Features, install instructions and what does it require to be used?


Add images in the image tab. It is best to use WEBP images to save disk space and loading times. Only JPG and WEBP are allowed.

Image tab

Upload some images that show the content of the add-on.