Derail Valley early access january 25, 2019

The Serbia based developer Altfuture will soon let you get real close to the trains and locomotives with the very first train simulator that supports VR-technology. From Q1 2019 you can buy the early access version of Derail Valley! The first release covering a 256km2 large map with approximately 200km of railway tracks and 15 detailed industries with their own yards and stations for you to explore.

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Quote from Derail with style

Trains can and will fall off the tracks when driven recklessly. Derailments are realistic and often surprisingly impressive. Locomotives can receive damage and even their windows might shatter!

Northern region of the Derail Valley world

World developement

Derail Valley features a nearly finished railway network of about 200 km, with 15 detailed industries containing their own yards and stations. You are free to move in this world as you will.

Terrain, railways and industries currently present in Derail Valley, covering a 256 km2 area.

Sawmill station

Steel mill in the distance

It takes hours of gameplay just to visit all the places, and the track building rework now also makes it vastly easier to modify the layout in future updates. We made sure the railways are diverse, ranging from curvy uphill mountain cliff routes, to flat high-speed mainlines, all seamlessly connected.

Industry chain

Derail Valley now simulates a realistic industry chain, featuring 36 resource types to be transported between industries. This makes a virtually infinite network of procedural jobs where you could, for example, transport iron ore to the steel mill, then steel slabs to the machine factory, then road cars to the harbor, and so on in a continuous manner.

Diagram showing industry chain in Derail Valley.

Each industry generates jobs according to supply/demand rules shown in the above diagram. Deciding which jobs you will take or which way you will haul them is entirely up to you. Job types range from shunting, (un)loading and hauling, and you can even combine multiple haul jobs where you see fit. To load or unload trains you will need to push a specific lever, found at every station.

Some types of cargo can be seen exposed on flatcars

Inventory and money

As Derail Valley requires dealing with multiple items, like the switch remote or job booklets, the game now features a 10-slot inventory that you can carry items in. This is particularly useful outdoors as, apart from going for the slots directly, you can also reach behind your back to add or retrieve the last used item. This makes actions like yard switching very simple.

Reaching for the wallet in a nearly full inventory

Completing jobs will issue bundles of money, which you can then place in your wallet. To pay for items or services such as refuelling and repairs, you will need to physically bring the wallet close to the cash register.

Derail Valley money

Main features

Trulybe there

Sit back and operate train controls with your own hands, just like in real life. Derail Valley was built from the ground up for VR, in every aspect, including controls, interface and optimization.
Living,breathing simulation

Feel the machine dynamically changing over time. Shovel coal and monitor the gauges. Derail Valley brings you the essence of two locomotives: a diesel-electric shunter and a heavy steam engine.
256 km2 ofbeautiful landscape
Seamlessly move anywhere in the scenic world filled with relaxing forests, fields, mountains and lakes. Explore its railway network and industrial complexes - and you might even find some secrets.
Jobs created by industries

Transport 35 different types of cargo between more than 15 industries, each offering countless shunting and freight haul jobs. Earn money and spend it on maintaining trains and buying new licenses.
Derailwith style

Trains can and will fall off the tracks when driven recklessly. Derailments are realistic and often surprisingly impressive. Locomotives can receive damage and even their windows might shatter!

Instructions are simple and clear. If you've got veteran skills your trips will be more efficient, but if not - no worries, simple step by step instructions will get you prepped for the trip in no time!

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