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Baby Bullet - MP36PH-3C

If you have the Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco - San Jose route add-on for Train Sim World you might be interested in getting this one. The MP36PH-3C diesel locomotive together with Bombardier bi-level cab cars and coaches will add more services to the route.

Steam (Windows PC)

Xbox One

Canadian National Oakville Subdivision: Hamilton - Oakville

The very first official DLC for Train Sim World that brakes the UK-Germany-USA DLC cycle. Those are the three countries that Dovetail Games focus on when it comes to releasing train simulator products. Let's hope we get to see a DLC from yet another contry later this year!

Oakville Subdivision will bring mainline freight, local, transfer and switching operations in Canada to Train Sim World. Canadian National (CN) is the operator on this 24 mile / 41km long route that stretches from Hamilton to Oakville. It will offer you two diesel locomotives, the GP38-2 and the GP9RM together with four freight cars. The GP9RM is seen for the very first time in Train Sim World, and if you like the sound of a GM 567-engine this might be the one for you!

Key Features

  • 24 mile (41 km) route of the Oakville Subdivision between Hamilton and Oakville
  • Includes numerous industries with miles of extensive rail yards
  • GP9rm Diesel Locomotive in Canadian National livery
  • GP38-2 Diesel Locomotive in Canadian National livery
  • 3-Bay Covered Hopper
  • Bi-Level Autorack Car
  • DOT-117 Tank Car
  • 73ft Center Beam Car
  • Highly detailed, feature-rich, driving cabs with accurate true-to-life performance and handling
  • Authentic and detailed sound recordings, recorded from the real locomotives
  • Journey Mode featuring over 20 hours of activities for you to master
  • Six detailed and engaging scenarios for the route

Steam (Windows PC)