Class ME / TME 2020.07.23a

License Agreement
NOR - Custom CC BY-NC-SA
Oystein - NOR

Class ME / TME for Train Simulator.

EN: This version contains both Danish Class ME in full red livery and the Swedish Class TME in Nordic Re-Finance AB livery. The project is still work-in-progress and more liveries will be released soon. If you have any problems or find any mistakes, please write a comment here. Updates will be released on this page frequently. Please read instructions below regarding required files.

NO/DK/SE: Denne versjonen inneholder både Danske ME i helrød design og Svenske TME i Nordic Re-Finance AB design. Prosjektet er fortsatt ikke ferdig og flere design vill bli utgitt snart. Hvis du har problemer eller finner noen feil med lokomotivet, vennligst legg igjen en kommentar her. Oppdateringer vil komme fortløpende. Vennligst les instruksjoner under vedrørende påkrevde filer.

Requirements | Krav

  • SD40-2 Sound Pack - RailWorks America.
  • European Loco & Assets Pack (will work without this/fungerer uten denne)
  • Expert Contol must be activated (TS Settings) | Expert control må være aktivert (TS Innstillinger)

Recomended settings | Anbefalte innstillinger

This loco is a high-poly model with 4k textures. It will require a high-end pc for the best experience.
Lokomotivet har en modell med høy oppløsning og 4k teksturer. Dette krever en god pc for den beste opplevelsen.

  • Run TS2020 in 64-bit mode | Kjør TS2020 i 64-bit modus.
  • Enable Dynamic Lighting (Settings) | Aktiver Dynamic Lighting (Innstillinger)
    Without dynamic lighting textures will look bad | Uten dynamic lighting aktivert har teksturene dårlig kvalitet.

Installation | Installasjon

Use Utilities.exe which can be found in the RailWorks folder to install the RWP-file (unpack the ZIP)

Bruk Utilities.exe som du finner i RailWorks-mappen for å installere RWP-filen (pakk ut ZIP-filen)

  • Version 2020.07.23a

    :!:No need to download previous versions | Det er ikke nødvendig å laste ned tidligere versjoner :!:

    File do not include readme or installation guide. Please read the information on the download-page.

    • Added blue livery with old DSB logo
    • Added blue livery with new DSB logo
    • Added more Quick Drive options
    • Adjusted collision box to make coupling easier.
  • Version 2020.07.22a

    • Added Nordic Re-Finance AB livery (1509, 1513 and 1527)
    • Light adjustment.
    • Updated cab textures and shader.
  • Version 2020.07.15b

    • Adjusted lights.
    • Adjusted light flare effect to fix flickering at distance.

  • Version 2020.07.15a

    File do not include readme or installation guide. Please read the information on the download-page.

    • Added cablights (L-key or cablight switch)
    • Added GSM-R antenna on the roof
    • Added exterior lights. (H-key or headlights switch. Positions: Off->Taillights->Dim->Full->Shunting)
    • Added PreLoad files for QuickDrive (Single loco and consist with ABs+B wagons)

    Know bugs:

    • Shadow problem in cab (renders shadows from dials)
  • Version 2020.07.08a

    First official release of Class ME for Train Simulator.


    • High poly 3d model
    • 4k textures
    • Custom cabview with animations and dials
    • Custom sounds (requires sound pack, see description)
    • Basic TS features and physics
    • Exterior fan animation
    • Animated wipers with rain effect on glass
    • Combined throttle and dynamic brake.
    • Scripted train brake controler
    • Named control state on HUD (F3 and F4)
  • Big thanks to all the beta testers who have given me feedback during the development of ME and all the people who have given me resources to work with - like drawings, pictures and technical descriptions. Would't be possible to create this add-on without you! The 3d model is made with Blender, and exported to Train Simulator 2020 with Julian's BRIAGE-plugin. Please report bugs, feature-request and other things releated to this add-on here!